These sensors come with the Evodash

The following sensors are supplied with the Evodash package:-

  • Oil Pressure
  • Engine Temperature
  • Speed

The revs are taken from the negative side of the ignition coil, the original tacho output or the ECU; therefore no sensor is required for revs.
Any analogue fuel sender can be used (typically one supplied by a donor vehicle). This is digitally calibrated to the empty and full positions to give an accurate reading, even if the shape or size of the fuel tank has changed. A version of the Evodash where the fuel gauge has been blanked off is available for bikes where there is no fuel gauge (Carbon Fibre only).

Other inputs to the dash are:-

  • Indicators
  • Main beam
  • Charge warning light
  • Aux - Used for extra input - typically showing Neutral for bike gearboxes

Oil Pressure Sensor

Evodash Digital Dashboard oil pressure sensor

The oil pressure sensor gives the pressure in bar - rather than just pass/fail so that you can accurately monitor the oil pressure as the engine is running.

Temperature Sensor

Evodash Digital Dashboard temperature sensor

The temperature sensor is connected to the water cooling system to monitor the engine temperature.

Speed Sensor

Evodash Digital Dashboard speed sensor

The speed sensor detects metal, and is easy to set up on the prop shaft - for example at a universal joint where the lobes of the fitting or bolts stick out. You tell the Evodash how many pulses it will get for every turn of the wheel, and the size of the wheel and the calibration is complete. There is an upgrade available to a smaller speed sensor - see the photos page.